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we owe our success to customers who rely on us to innovate

When a Seattle start-up called Aldus created software called PageMaker in 1987, it transformed the printing industry and was the spark that ignited our first business in digital prepress.  Our customers pushed us to perfect this technology and when we did, they pushed us to help them market and distribute the materials we were creating with digital prepress services.  That led us into CRM with Microsoft and in 2013, we committed to focus on creative digital and communications services.  Nearly a decade later, we’ve developed a team and a foundation of assets that excite our customers and keep us fresh.  We understand that business drives the need for creative, not vice versa.


Randal Southam, Creative Director, Digital Face Media
Randal Southam
Lin Southam, Co-Founder
Lin Southam
Carol Renaud, Business Manager
Carolyn Renaud
Business Manager
Shohag Biswas
Shohag Biswas
Web Security & Support
Elliot Mersch
Elliot Mersch
Director Web Dev/UI/UX
Justin Cumming
Clark Roberts
Location Manager

Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.

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