Scholarship Application Packet

Scholarships Typically Range Between $1,000 – $3,000


Rotary is an international charitable organization comprised of leaders in business, public service, and education whose goals are humanitarian service, high ethical standards and promotion of goodwill and peace around the world. Since its inception in 1991, Lake Stevens Rotary has been a proud member of Rotary International, the largest and oldest service organization in the world dedicated to friendship, fellowship, and service to others.

Our motto, “SERVICE ABOVE SELF” serves as our guide in everything we do. The main objective of Rotary is SERVICE – in the community, in the workplace and throughout the world. Lake Stevens Rotarians foster the ideal of Service Above Self through the betterment of business and professional ethics, promoting international understanding and goodwill, and providing humanitarian services in Lake Stevens and worldwide.

Our Rotary Club serves the community in many ways from park maintenance and cleanup projects, construction of a skateboard park, the food bank, the senior center, Creator Zone, back-to-school assistance, Sherwood Community Services, these scholarships, international service projects and so much more. Rotarians live and work by a guideline known as the Four-Way Test.

As Rotarians, we believe the world would truly be a better place if everyone applied the FourWay Test to their daily lives. Please choose to apply these same values as you pursue your future goals.

Scholarships – Lake Stevens Rotary Scholarships are awarded each year to graduating Lake
Stevens High School seniors who exemplify the qualities of a good citizen. The scholarship is to be used for costs in attending a college, university, or trade school/technical school of your choice. This application must be submitted by the deadline found on the cover page of this application packet.

You will be contacted about the status of your application and to possibly schedule an interview. Scoring of applications and awards will be determined by a committee of local Rotarians.


Complete all fields in this Application Packet. You are able to upload files and sign this document without printing. The following information is a guide to how our Scholarship Committee will rate applications.

1. [Score: 30%] Service, Activities, and Achievements. In the following 5 categories, please list in bullet point format, your experiences, the number of hours involved in each, and HS years the activities were performed. See examples below each category:

 2. [Score: 30%] Essay (300-500 word) Rotary is a local and international organization that believes in making a difference in our communities. Explain in your own words how you are living the 4-Way Test today, and how you see yourself living these values in the future. 

3. Letters of Recommendation. Drag and drop two letters of recommendation in the area provided. One from a teacher you had during your junior or senior year in high school, and one from a non-family member familiar with your character, background and achievements. 

4. [Score 5%] GPA & Academics: Copy of your high school transcript 

5. [Score: 5%] Application Package: Submitted completely per instructions. 

6. [Score: 30%] Interview: If you are selected to be interviewed, be able to discuss Lake Stevens Rotary’s contributions both locally and worldwide. Also, be able to share a story of a significant learning experience in your life and if any of the values of the 4-Way Test were applied.

Scholarship Application


All applications are evaluated using the same weighted criteria and winners are selected based on their total review scores. Lake Stevens Charitable scholarships are awarded without regard to age, gender, marital status, race, color, creed, religion, national origin, or disability. Please submit all applications to

By signing below, you authorize the Rotary Club of Lake Stevens to use your name, photograph, or video image in press releases about the scholarship program or in promotional materials about Lake Stevens Rotary.
MM slash DD slash YYYY
MM slash DD slash YYYY

In the following five categories, list in bullet point format your experiences in high school and the number of hours involved in each. If you need clarification, please see the sample table in the instructions in the front of this packet.

Rotary Essay

Please write your essay and upload it here. You can upload Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF file formats.
Max. file size: 256 MB.

Letters of Recommendation

Upload your two letters of recommendation here. You can upload Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF file formats.
Max. file size: 256 MB.

High School Transcript

Upload your transcript here in PDF format.
Max. file size: 256 MB.
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